About Xumiy

Welcome to xumiy.com

Our mission is to suggest a profit of your invest.

We do this to contribute to the world.

What is xumiy.com?

xumiy.com is a blog for about all the necessary items you need to live a happy and healthy life. You will find the essential daily items and holiday recreational. From home to outdoor activity, you will get all in a single platform.

Who we are?

We are a group of people from different part background and expertise. We have Chefs, experts of home and kitchen appliances, security experts, campers, hikers, bikers, and editors, etc. in our team to bring the best from a product.

How we review?

In Xumiy.com, we have spent hundred plus hours every week to investigate, research, interview, survey, and analyze. Finally, we write up all of our experiences in the contents to help our audience.

We know our audiences have faith in us. We do not use any short cut to select products. We pick the products after thorough research of their features, materials and other significant aspects.

Our research and selection process varies from product to product. For example, people review the waterproofing of the family tent by reading their features, materials, and usability. But, we spend our time to get the effectiveness of waterproofing by testing the product, interviewing the expert, and surveying the users, etc. Sometimes our experts find many open tabs on their web browser containing data about the family tents.

We review all the best options within a product category and show a comparison among the same type to help you make the right purchase. While we care about the quality and your target, we also consider the budget. Our team is always busy to test, research and present the latest items in the market. Our qualified editors have to approve the contents before publishing in Xumiy.com.

Why we are trustworthy?

Since our starting, we have reviewed hundreds of items in the blog. We are conservative in recommending the products. If we are not happy with the usability of a product, we have never advised it. As a result, our audience has never got less than our review.

Our editorial bodies have spent hours after hours making a suitable comparison among the different model of a product by researching purchaser feedback, competitor’s offers and the test reports by our team.

Our chief editors who have expertise in the specific field have re-edited all of the product reviews. Our editors come for various sectors and work as sub or co-editor of many important blogs like successstory.com, New York Time, Huffington Post, The Guardian, etc.

Before going live, all of the contents have to pass few editorial steps like correctness of information, copy proofing, image editing, etc. Therefore, we publish the products after the confirmation of the usefulness and availability of the product in the market.

We know the difficulty to select an unknown but essential product. So, we prepare all of our contents by confirming the usefulness of the features and educating you about the selection process of the products within your budget.

We’ve put multiple affiliate links like Amazon within our site to send you to the retailer’s or e-commerce site to earn the commission to your purchase. The affiliation has never impacted the process of product selection. We have always prioritized our audience and never suggest a product without proper judgment. We recommended the product after complete research and judgment.

Our team has a constant eye on the market. Unless any significant change on the product quality or features, we update the contents after three months.

As we rely on the affiliation of various retailer or e-commerce site, we do not accept payment from any manufacturer to include their products in our recommendation. We follow our single policy to recommend products that brings benefit to our audience.

Items we review?

Our experts have sufficient expertise to review the following items like

  • Health and Household
  • Art and Craft
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Fashion
  • Health and House Hold
  • Home and Kitchen Appliance
  • Outdoor Recreation Activities
  • Toys
  • Pet Care Products

We tried to make engaging contents because we know that it is the easiest way to communicate with our audience.

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If you’ve further query about us or the blog, please contact is us and feel contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.