To select a fixed gear bike for beginners you need to know first what a fixed gear bike is. Actually, the bikes have only one drivetrain with a specific gear to the rear wheel to continue cycling is called fixie bike or fixed gear bike.

Normally fixed gear bike means only one gear bike so you cannot change it then it can be hard to get started if there are no freewheel options. Because most of the beginners like to start with freewheel options.

Well, the fixie bikes are lightweight and if you like to enjoy race feel then you should select a fixed gear bike. The maintenance of fixie bikes is very low. The most recent trend is people like something simple and the fixed gear bikes are quite simple and fashionable because they don’t need too many features like derailleur, shifters, and double or triple chainring cranksets etc.

These bikes are best for experienced riders and good enough for beginners as well because the fixie needs less maintenance and the rider can stop the bike by holding back on the pedals with their feet. The fixed gear bikes are also known as road bikes

If you look around you may notice that most of the fixie bikes listed are fixed gear and single speed as well because they have flip-flop hub options which allow you to switch between fixed gear and single speed riding.

The single speed bikes have a full braking system which allows you to coast and on the other hand, the fixed gear bikes have one brake and unable to coast. So it is a great idea to connect at least one set of brakes for your safety if you don’t have the flip-flop switching hub options.

The fixed gear bikes have developed into flourishing and attractive peripheral component of biking because of its appearance, uniqueness, and simplicity.

If you are an entry level rider for fixed gear bikes then it can be a little bit hard to find the best one. We have picked few fixed gear bikes to test and we have listed 5 best-fixed gear bikes for beginners which are under 300 dollars so you can find your best-fixed gear bike easily after reading this.

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike

The Critical Cycles Classic fixed Gear is one of the best bikes and it is perfect for beginners.

If you are looking forward to finding the most economical budget bike to start as a beginner, this fixed gear bike is the trustworthy bike and it should come on top of your list.

This bike is featured with the bullhorn handlebars and the deep v double walled rims provide you an ultimate comfortable ride while you are riding on it.

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Bike

This is one of the most popular bikes. The bike features a premium handmade steel frame and horizontal dropouts which it provides durability. There is a bottle mount with the frame.

It comes with the flip-flop rear wheel hubs which allow you to switch between fixed gears to single speed track easily and the wheel rims are super deep V double walled with the stainless steel spokes and the lightweight alloy chain wheel.

It has the BMX pedals which provide the bike high speed the tires of the bike is wander tires, sealed bottom bracket, Promax brakes with the great stopping power and the KMC chain.

The bikes hand grips are made of soft Kraton rubber grips for maximum comfort while you are riding and it comes with a comfortable saddle


  • The bike frame is made of the premium handmade steel track
  • The bicycle geometry is bar clearance and there is no toe overlapping and it has horizontal dropouts
  • It comes with the flip-flop hub with single speed 16T freewheel and fixed gear 16T cog so you can switch anytime between fixed gear and single speed
  • The bike tires are Wanda 700 x 23c city tires and 43mm super deep v double walled rims
  • The bike brakes rear Promax brakes with 22.2mm brake lever clamp diameter
  • It comes with the pursuit handlebars which is 25.4mm
  • It features with 1/8 inch KMC chain
  • The headset is 1-inch threaded quill
  • The hand grips are from Kraton rubber made grips
  • The bikes pedals are 9/16 inch low profile BMX pedals with VP platform
  • It comes with an additional tools box which helps you to maintain your bike


  • The bike is featured with a deep v double walled rims that offer you with amazing riding experience
  • It has flip-flop hub that provides you both ride to enjoy freewheel and fixed gear
  • This bike is easy to assemble though when it comes 85% of this bike is assembled
  • The pursuit handlebars offer the riders an ultimate comfort
  • It is durable because of its best components


  • Compare to other bikes price is bit high
  • Back tire quality low

According to customers reviews great bike on this price and easy to assemble and one said it is really an amazing bike and the chain was weak for him so he ordered a new strong BMX chain but he loved the bike.

The Maximum numbers of fixed gear bikes are comparable to each other in the aspect of weight, speed, and performance and they are similar but the material and spare parts can differ from each other. As a beginner bike, it can be the best bike because it has flip-flop hub to change the single speed and fixed gear and 85% assembled as well.

Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike

The Golden Cycles Fixed Gear steel frame Fixie Bike is one of the favorite bikes of bike riders. It can provide you a joyful, comfortable and stress-free smooth ride. This is best for both beginners and expert riders. To have a best adventurous ride this bike is highly recommended.

This bike is affordable and comes with a wide selection of color Variety.

Since the bike is constructed with some of the greatest materials, so you don’t need to worry about the sturdiness of your bike. Additionally, it includes a flip-flop rear wheel hub which allows you to take both advantages to the bike as a single speed bike or a fixed gear bike.

Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike

The bike frame is made of high tensile tig welded steel with the fork which is extremely durable and specially designed to survive in all conditions. The steel is reliable and long lasting as well.

It comes with the special feature freewheel so you can change the fixed gear to freewheel while you are tired the one gear pedaling and the wheels rims are 45mm deep alloy rims.

It has alloy caliper the front and rear brakes to make sure that you are safe on the road while riding

The tires of the bikes are 700c x 25 Kenda and they have their front area forged with alloy for extra consistency and durability.

The pedals of the bikes are BMX platform and you can depend on the pedaling facility to move back and forth just because of the amazing pedals. These are strong and highly durable.

The bikes have alloy riser handlebars which are made with extremely durable materials and quite comfortable for your hands.

The bike comes with the 32 sealed ball bearings in a flip-flop hub which helps you to enjoy a freewheeling ride without any difficulty.


  • The bike frame is constructed of high tensile steel fully tig welded with the 1-1/8 inch fork
  • Alloy caliper the front and rear brakes with great stopping power
  • Alloy custom riser handlebars make the bike more comfortable while you riding the bike
  • The bike comes with the 1-1/8 inch Neco Headset
  • The flip-flop hub provides you freewheel riding or fixed gear riding and the hub contains 32 holes sealed bearing
  • The bike crank is strong 130BCD crank and the chainring crank is alloy 46T
  • The bike comes with BMX platform pedals
  • The bike tires are Kenda 700c x 25c tires and the wheels have 45mm deep V alloy rims


  • It is a simple and good looking bike
  • It is affordable and perfect for beginners
  • The bike frame is made of steel and it is durable
  • The bike have both fixed gear and single speed options
  • Wide range of color variety


  • The rubber gripper is not comfortable if you are riding in summer because of seating

Customers like this bike a lot and said it is a strong contender for wallet-friendly and it is an eye-friendly fixie bike as well. Someone also said it’s a very nice fixie bike for the price and he received the bike very quickly after placing the order and the bike was packed very securely with bubble wrap and foam.

Though there are lots of bikes on the market to select and the Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike is one which is highly recommended because of its strength, durability and reasonable price. The Golden Cycles Fixed gear Bike is the best choice for you if you are looking for a simple, good looking and comfortable bike.

Critical Cycles Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

The critical cycles Harper single speed fixed gear bike is one of the best affordable fixie bikes. It has a durable frame made of hand built steel.

This is a stylish bike and designed for the newbie’s fixie riders to make their riding life easier and comfortable. It is perfect fixed gear bike for beginners with its tig welded hand built steel frame.

The bike provides you a smooth and comfortable ride. It features the flip-flop hub and it makes the bike special by switching the fixed gear to single speed. One additional tools box comes with the bike to assemble and repair easily.

The critical cycle’s Harper is a fashionable and reliable bike. The materials of the bike are best in quality and this bike is highly suggested for beginners and commuters.

Critical Cycles Harper is an outstanding fixed gear commuter bike with an excellent mixture of comfort and smooth riding.

There are plenty of features of this bike to be your preferred bike. It has an easy braking system to control. It has VP freestyle pedals. To stop properly the bike you just need to pedal backward.

Besides, it has made with the high-tensile frame so it is highly dependable for different terrains and reliable as well.

Additionally, this fixed gear bike features with 30mm deep V rims with Kenda commuter tires, KMC chain, VP freestyle pedals and two sets of brakes. So you don’t need to worry about your next ride if you buy this bike. It will provide maximum comfort no doubt.


  • The bike frame is hand built steel frame finely designed to last for long ages of time which gives the bike sturdy and extremely durable and able to go through any terrains
  • The flip-flop hub will give you both feel of freewheel riding and fixed gear riding
  • The bike saddle is quite comfortable to give you a pleasant ride. It is also adjustable according to your likings
  • The bike tires are Wanda tires with 30mm V-shaped rims and these are strong enough so you don’t need to change it very often and these make the bike flexible for commuting to different areas. It ensures a comfortable ride to the rider
  • It comes with beautiful additional tools box so you don’t need to spend extra money to buy the tools for maintenance and repairing


  • The Critical Cycles Harper Single Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike is long lasting and durable bike because of the steel frame
  • It is lightweight bike compare to other bikes, so don’t need to spend extra energy
  • The bike is good looking and very stylish
  • The bike price is reasonable so anyone can afford to buy this bike
  • The bike comes with an extra tools box to repair and maintain all the accessories


  • The saddle seat looks kind of economic
  • The bike tires are not good enough for other fixed gear bikes

Many customers said that it is a great bike for the price. The bike is easy to set up and an awesome daily commuter. It is a very good starter bike. The bike is smooth like butter and sharp looking as well.

Finally the Critical Cycles Harper bike is one of the best affordable and comfortable commuter bikes. This bike is best for beginners as well great bike for the price.

The bike is prepared with plenty of special features which combines together to make sure you an enjoyable, comfortable and charming ride.

Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle

The Retrospec Mantra is a unique stylish design and lightweight bike. It has plenty of colors options to choose. The colorful look of the bikes is really cool and eye-catching. The Mantra is indeed a perfect commuter bike.

The Mantra is really designed for the city life and structures with standard Retrospec FGFS straps to improve the peddling effectiveness and reflectors together with a headlamp.

The Retrospec has concerned about the energy to the fixed gears and the Mantra is one of my most favorite fixed gear bikes under $300. It has the nice combinations of functionality and good looking.

The hand-built tig welded high tensile urban comfort steel frame is quite sturdy and comparatively lightweight for a comfortable ride.The frame is really gorgeous and modern in design with standard elements which makes an attractive look as well.

Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bicycle

This bike is also featured with platform pedals to provide you safe and comfortable ride. It also comes with synthetic BMX straps that help to keep your feet in the right place.

It also comes with a water bottle mount and a kickstand mount.

The bike features with a front brake, a dual caliper Promax with great stopping power.

The Retrospec is assembled with care and it makes sure all the accessories are joined together perfectly, all it works together very nicely.

The bike wheels are deep V Rims with dual walled alloy. And the tires are Kenda Kwest tires which are called perfect commuter tires provide a smooth comfortable ride.

The rear wheel is combined to a flip-flop hub through 16t freewheel and fixed parts. Both wheels are featured with sealed bearing hubs which is an additional indication of quality.

The riser bars provide you extra upright riding position and it slightly looks like BMX which gives you racing feel.

It is one of the best-fixed gear bikes on a reasonable price for under $300 with lots of color variety and features and it is perfect for all kind of rider for racing, leisure time riding or cruising on the beach.


  • The frame is hand-built tig welded high tensile steel made which is designed to take all the responsibility of commuting and racing. The fame made the bike really sturdy, strong and durable
  • The Mantra bike is featured with standard Retrospec- EGFS reflectors and straps which allow the bike visible to other street riders for extra safety
  • The bike is equipped with super deep V-shaped rims and flip flop hub which allow you to ride on freewheel by choosing single speed or fixed gear options
  • The wheel’s hub sealed with cartridge bearings to make sure the smoothness of both wheels and they also increase the durability and ease of movement of the bike wheels. These hubs are quite essential for beginners
  • The bike tires are Kenda Kwest tires with rounded smooth treads. These threads help to keep clean and smooth the tires and diffuse the water easily for extra cleanness and your safety
  • The bike comes with a comfortable saddle and it is well designed to provide you maximum comfort while you are riding this bike
  • It also ensures your enjoyable ride with water bottle mounts to stay cool and relaxed and there is a kickstand mount as well
  • It is featured with an integrated seat clamp which is designed for extra support for your back while you ride this bike


  • The bike frame is sturdy, durable and strong enough
  • The bike is price is reasonable
  • It has a wide range of color choosing options
  • It equipped with reflectors and straps which is special and ensures your safety and visibility while riding the bike
  • The wheels are durable and comfortable
  • The mantra bike contains sealed cartridge bearing hub and make the bike more comfortable
  • It comes with the flip-flop hub to switch fixed gear to single speed easily
  • The bike features bottle mounts
  • This bike is smart and stylish
  • The bike saddle is very comfortable


  • The bike has only one brake

There are lots of positive reviews from the customers of this bike; this is a great bike for the price, best quality bike. One said that he loved the single speed for riding around the city, also said that the bike looks great and he gets comments on it every time he takes it out with him. He highly recommended this bike and this company.

Finally, the Retrospec Mantra Fixie bike is a gorgeous bike with all its amazing features. The performance of the bike is very high. This is one of the most popular affordable bikes under $300 dollars. All its features have made this bike more special and comfortable. It won’t be a wrong selection if you choose one of these bikes. So go and grab yours!

Vilano Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

The Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Bike is a stylish bike. The Vilano bike is simple and fashionable in design and without gears, it is quite easy to manage. It has colors variety so you can choose according to your personality. This is a great bike for your everyday commuting. You also can go for a leisure ride at weekends and holiday times.

The Vilano bike700c frame and fork are made of tig welded hi-ten steel and the bike also features with riser handlebars and a rear caliper brake. It is a good bike with a good price.

It also comes with the replaceable crankset chainring. The bike features with 45mm anodized wheels with matching hubs.

Vilano Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

It also has the flip-flop hub like other fixie bikes which allows you to switch from fixed gear to single speed option.

This bike has a large amount of color selection option so you can choose your bike according to taste whether you would like bright color or a colorful bike.

This bike will provide you a smooth and comfortable ride. This bike is good for all types of terrains since it has the flip-flop hub options.

This bike is easy to assemble and maintenance. The Vilano is lightweight, durable and speedy. It is easily portable and it provides smooth riding experience.

If you need helps to assemble and maintenance you can ask for a hand to your local area shop.

The Vilano bikes are affordable and high-quality bikes.

You can upgrade the bike by replacing some components like tires and brakes if you feel they are cheap in functionality while you are riding.


  • The Vilano comes with tig welded high tensile steel frame and the fork
  • Featured with the flip-flop hub to switch easily between the single speed and fixed gear mode
  • The bike is lightweight and easy to transportable
  • It is a low maintenance bike
  • The bike comes with a replaceable alloy 46T chainring on the crankset
  • The bike also equipped with riser handlebars and a rear brake
  • It comes with the free platform pedals
  • There are 2 water bottle mounts come with this bike


  • The flip-flop hub option to switch into single speed of fixed
  • Easy to assemble and low maintenance
  • The bike is simple and elegant design
  • It is a fast bike compare to other bikes in this range
  • It is lightweight bike and easily portable
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable Urban padded saddle


  • The brakes can wear down rapidly and you will need to replace it
  • The tires quality are not very good

If we check what customers say about this bike, we can see most of them are reviewed very well. One said the bike is amazing for the price. And she also mentioned that her daughter loved the bike. She said she is impressed with the build quality of the frame.

If you’re trying to find a simple good looking bike then the Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Road Bike is the best option for you.

With a tig welded high tensile frame which allows the real gorgeousness of the bike and the frame colors to boast, your bike will be rocking with the color boasting. And as concerns the performance goes, the flip-flop rear wheel hub is great, as it allows you a stress-free way to convert between a fixed gear and a single speed bike.

Finally, I must say that riding fixed gear bicycles is one of the most thrilling experiences you have in your life. If you use these bikes you will be more engaged with these instead of other gadgets because you will enjoy lots of things while riding a bike.

The fixed gear bikes can be perfect for beginners because these are affordable, durable and easy to use. These bikes will give you a sense of freedom on the street around. You can ride wherever you like and this is also good for your fitness.

In this article, we have picked and tried to discuss the best-fixed gear bikes for beginners under 300. We think this will help you to find the best bikes for you according to your requirements.

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