The Genesis Original Bow is one of the first bows that were designed to be used by anyone, especially children and teenagers. It is manufactured in the United States by Brennan Industries Inc. The bow is a low cost simple one which will not appeal much to the more seasoned archers, but will be ideal for new learners.

The bow is so simple and easy to adjust that it can be fitted to anyone, so the bow can literally grow with its user. It is also convenient to be shared by a number of people due to its easy adjustability, so you can buy one for the while family and share among yourselves. This made the Genesis Original the official bow of the National Archery in Schools program. The bow is affordable and attractive with availability in a wide range of colors. Here are some of its salient features, listed out for your benefit:

Salient Features of the Genesis Original Bow

Design and Construction

The Genesis original has a very simple design for a compound bow. It is small in size and lightweight, ideal for use by the tiny hands of little archers. The bow is made from machined 6061-T6 aluminum, with a well designed riser that gives a good dose of balance and durability, while still keeping the overall bow extremely light. Total weight of the bow is just 3.5 pounds. While it is always recommended never to fire without an arrow, the durable make of this bow, in addition to a lower draw weight, helps it tolerate such kind of treatment, which tends to happen when children and beginning learners are involved.

The composite split limbs of the bow have a molded grip that is of an ideal size for kids. There is also a single cam system, which are made from machined aluminum, while the cable guard is Teflon coated to ensure smoothness and rust resistance.

Axle to axle length of the bow is 35.5 inches, while the brace height is 7 5/8”. Though the bow is meant for kids, archers who are too young may find it slightly on the heavier side, but that again depends on their individual strengths.


The draw weight of the Genesis Original ranges between 10 and 20 pounds. This weight can be easily adjusted. This is done by simply attuning some bolts that attach the limbs to the riser. You can use a 3.16th Allen wrench for the purpose. You can turn the bolts in the clockwise direction in order to increase the draw weight. This can be done in increments of a pound and a half for every complete revolution. Always remember to turn the limb’s bolts the same the number of times as both limbs. And remember to never cross 7 complete revolutions.

The draw length is also adjustable, between the range of from 15″ and 30″. This means that anyone who is within that range can easily shoot with the same bow.


The Genesis Original can be drawn really smooth. Since there is only a single cam system. Archers do not have to spend too much time dealing with tuning or tough recoils and this makes the bow a lot more accurate. In fact, shots from this bow are usually quite accurate, helping to keep your motivation up at all times, since you will be able to nail more bulls eyes more consistently and more often.

Speed and Accuracy

Since the Genesis Pro is basically meant for learning and recreational purposes, speed is not of much concern here. As mentioned before, the bow is not meant for bow hunting as it is too weak too pierce through animal skin. Therefore, there is not much need to have a high spped shot.

Noise and Vibrations

This bow does not have any problems of hand shock or loud vibration sounds. This has been ensured so that new learners don’t have problems trying to target while the bow vibrates. Therefore, there is not much use of string silencers or string stoppers. Since the bow has been built with single cam technology, you don’t have to bother about tuning issues.


Since this bow was originally meant to be simple, it does not come with any accessories.

Genesis Original Bow


  • Affordable price
  • Can be easily shared among family members or students of an organization
  • Great for beginners and kids
  • Official bow of the NASP
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Easy to shoot
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Good Resale Value


  • Not suitable for bow hunting
  • Limited adjustability of draw weight
  • More experienced archers might not find it suitable enough
  • no arrows included

If simplicity and minimalism is what you are looking for, then you will definitely like the Genesis Original. It is the perfect compound bow for kids and new learners. It is both reliable and durable, so it can take on a good amount of abuse, without giving in too fast. Moreover, the bow is completely straightforward and easy to use. It has a standard draw length, ensuring that you don’t need to fiddle too much with settings and draw lengths. This also allows it to be easily used and shared by most people within that range. It would be ideal for kids aged 8 years and above, but for smaller kids, it may be necessary to see if they can handle the ten pound weight of the bow.

In any case, proper supervision when being handled by kids is of utmost importance, Even though it is not capable of hurting animals, it may cause injury to the delicate skin of children. If this can be remembered, this compound bow can be a good source of joy and recreation for the whole family.

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