When hunting is your passion, but you’re also concerned about your pocket, why not go for something that has been built specifically for hunters, but available at a really reasonable price? Presenting the Leader Accessories Compound Bow.

Leader Accessories have been in the market for more than 30 years, and they mainly deal with outdoor leisure activities, like RV accessories, boating accessories, etc. Among their various endeavors are their archery accessories. Their Compound Bow in particular, is a bow hunters dream come true. Here are some of its salient features, listed out for your benefit:

Salient Features of the Leader Accessories Compound Bow

Design and Construction

The Compound bow is of very high quality composite material. It is sturdy and quite durable. The riser is made from machine aluminum, which gives it a nice and smooth texture. This riser has a good cut out to give it a modern look, reduce its weight and give the user a better grip.

The dual eccentric cams are made from aluminum, again adding to the overall stability and durability of the bow. Besides, it makes adjustment of draw length quite easy too. The axle to axle length is 35 inches, which is quite compact in size and ideal for carrying around while hunting. Weight of the bow is also quite less, amounting to just 4.4 pounds. The overall finishing of the bow is quite attractive, with the machined threads in the pre-drilled holes that have bee provided for add-ons.


The Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting has a good range of draw weight, which is between 50 and 70 pounds. The limb bolts come in the packaging quite tightly screwed, and need to be loosened and adjusted before you start using the bow for the first time. For this, you will probably need an Allen wrench.

To adjust the draw weight, you need to adjust the limb bolts that join the limbs with the riser. You have to be careful not to turn those more than 4 complete revolutions. The draw length is between 26 and 30 inches, which is fine for most adult archers. Adjusting it is very easy, and you don’t need a bow press for it. If your draw length is longer than 30 inches, then, this bow is not suitable for you.

If you have a longer draw length than the 30″ inches max of the Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting, this one is not for you.


The back wall of the bow is quite solid and the valley is quite wide. This will definitely help beginners, as they will be able to give more consistent shots and thereby raise their accuracy as time goes by. The draw of the bow is also very smooth.

Speed and Accuracy

After you let go of the arrow in a shot, it can reach a maximum speed up to 296 FPS. Higher speed means a sure target strike, while lower speeds makes the arrow lose momentum too early on. Thus, the Leader Accessories 50 – 70 hunting has a pretty good speed , which is ideal for targeting prey. It necessary to keep in mind that a higher weight bow or arrow can substantially reduce the kinetic energy of the arrow. Moreover, other factors may also come into play in reducing the kinetic energy, like bad weather or shooting too early on, while the prey is still quite far away.

Let Off

This bow has a let off of around 70% and this is great for those who are targeting, since the arrow is properly retained in one place while aiming. This in turn causes the shot accurate, and the aim precise.


This compound bow comes with a myriad of accessories, here are some them:

  • carbon arrow x 12
  • paper target x 12
  • bow bag x 1
  • quiver x 1
  • optic sight x 1
  • drop away arrow rest x 1
  • whisker biscuit arrow rest x 1
  • bow release x 1
  • arm guard x 1
  • paracord wrist sling x 1
  • stabilizer x 1
  • arrow puller x 1
  • limb dampener x 1pair
  • bow stand x 1
  • installed trio style peep sight x 1
  • rubber tube peep sight x 2
  • D loop string x 1m
  • wax x 1

Basically you get a complete bow hunting package that has everything you may need before heading out to he woods.


The one year warranty is proof of this product’s durability. If anything goes wrong with your bow, simply bring it to the customer service and give them a call. However, do note that the warranty is on the bow only, not on the string, cables and accessories.

Leader Accessories Compound Bow


  • It is a very affordable compound bow
  • Ideal for bow hunting
  • well made, sturdy and durable
  • Adjustable draw length
  • Adjustable draw weight
  • High speed shots
  • Good axle to axle dimensions


  • Add-ons could be improved a little
  • Slightly heave
  • Difficult to find replacement parts

Leader Accessories have their name for a reason. At least in their realm of compound bows for bow-hunting. The bow is well constructed, hits targets quite accurately and at really blazing speeds. Moreover, the standard axle to axle distance, range of draw length and range of draw weight, all give it maximum flexibility and versatility to be used by a wide variety of archers.

So remember to take one with you on your next hunting trip, considering the price, the functionality that this bow gives is a real steal!

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