Even though the hunting bow market is full of products and accessories for both beginners and pros, finding one that is ideal for you and that will go a long way, that too at a low cost can be quite a challenge.

If compound hunting is a hobby for you, and not exactly a profession, chances are you don’t even have that much amount of time to surf the markets and test out compound bows one after another to select the best one.

Good news is, I’ve gone the distance and done ninety percent of the work for you. Whether you are just beginning to learn archery, are resuming the hobby after a long pause or area already a pro, looking for something new, The Raptor Compound bow could be worth your money.

It is a beautiful looking, smooth, accurate and flexible bow that you can use for not just bow-hunting and bow-fishing, but also for target practice, 3D or field archery. The bow is also fast and extremely durable and comes with a whole host of accessories.

Here are some of its salient features, listed out for your benefit:

Salient Features of the Raptor Compound Bow


In terms of design, the Raptor is quite impressive. Everything from the cams and limbs to the cables has been designed to provide you with the smoothest and steadiest draw and you can actually feel all the parts working together as soon as tug on that string. The bow is available in two colors – black and G3 camo, of which the G3 camo is the more popular. The entire bow has a nice smooth and shiny finish, making it look more expensive than it actually is.


The construction of the bow consists of risers and cams made from fully-machined aluminum. This gives the entire bow a lighter weight, while also not compromising on the durability. The limbs are made of fiberglass, which has been produced in the United States. This gives the bow a good amount of both strength and flexibility, adding to the over-all durability of the bow.


The Raptor has been built to adjust to any situation and with any type of archer, be it a child, man, woman, tall person, short person, novice or pro. While most bows need to be adjusted with a bow press in order to customize them for the archer, the Raptor’s unique design allows it to be easily molded to the archer without the need of a bow press. The only thing you need for adjusting is your own hand, which can easily dial up the required specifications on this bow. The bow has an adjustable draw length, capable of catering to most draw sizes and has a draw weight of 30-70lbs. So that’s a really wide spectrum. Moreover, as mentioned before, the Raptor is versatile enough to be used for any shooting application, be it bow hunting, bow fishing or just target practice.


The Raptor is hands down, one of the most easy to use compound bows that I have used till today. It allows you to give high speed and high energy shots with minimal effort on behalf of the archer. The sight-in and tuning processes of the bow is easy as ABC and the kit comes with a split yoke tuning system to help make speedy and accurate adjustments. What’s more, although the bow weighs just about 17.5 pounds, it packs a punch of more than 70 pounds pressure to send the arrow blazing through the air.

Noise and Vibrations

The stabilizer that the Raptor comes with is really convenient, as it absorbs vibrations in the bow, thereby also ensuring that the strings make minimum sound after the shot is fired. This also adds to the accuracy of the archer’s shot and makes it even more convenient for game hunters.


Most bows available in the market are either solo or do not come with enough accessories in the package. However, the makers of the Raptor Bow Kit have tried to create a complete package, consisting of all the accessories that a beginner archer would need. The package includes the following accessories:

  • 5 pin sight, with light and a level
  • Whisker biscuit type rest
  • Stabilizer
  • Pre-installed peep sight and loop

The only thing the package lacks are a set of arrows. However, it I think that is only better, because it will give you a chance to purchase the ones of your choice. All these above accessories comes pre-setup, so that you have no problems trying to figure out what goes where.

RAPTOR Compound Bow

Warranty and Customer Service

The Raptor proves its reliability through its 30 day money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with your product, you can get in touch with the makers by phone or email. The customer service is fast and helpful and you will get your money back or a replacement in the shortest time.


  • The fibre glass limbs are durable as well as flexible
  • Fully customizable to any type of archer, irrespective of age, sex and height
  • All required accessories included in the package
  • Smooth draws
  • Smooth and consistent shots
  • High speed shots
  • Light weight


  • Arrows not included in package
  • Cable guard sometimes comes off.

Customers of this product have given it a total of 4.5 stars, partly due to the problem with the cable guard as mentioned above. However, most of the customers have claimed to find this bow ideal as a beginner’s bow due to its light weight and smooth functioning. As for me, since I’m very fond of bow hunting, I find the stabilizer does a pretty good job absorbing the vibrations and sounds, which tend to scare off a lot of animals or end up alerting them. That, when contrasted with the price-tag that accompanies it, makes it a really good bargain.

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