When reaching out for a refreshing cup of java in the office, the last thing you want is to fiddle with settings, grind size and optimum temperature. In that moment, the only thing you need is refreshing coffee with just a press of your finger. Modern day single serve coffee makers are just perfect for the purpose. If you keep the pantry stashed with pods of your favorite brews, blends and flavors, it’s just a matter of flick, dump, press and brew. And if it saves you that trip to Starbucks at rush hour, then it becomes a blessing in disguise.

At this jet age when you have no time to stand and stare, let alone brew your own coffee, pre-packaged coffee pods in collaboration with single serve coffee makers are really catching on.

What is a Single Serve Coffee Maker

A single serve coffee maker, also known as the ‘busy man’s coffee machine’ is a small sized appliance that you can use to brew a variety of gourmet coffees by using separate containers called ‘pods’ for each cup. The machine has been built to produce only enough coffee for a single portion each time. These kinds of machines offer convenience in a multitude of ways:


They eliminate the need to measure out portions for different flavors and brews, and make the whole process of gourmet coffee making practically a no brainer.


With the availability of a plethora of flavors at your fingertips, you can enjoy a Starbucks or Green Mountain flavored coffee from the comfort of your home or office. The operation of these machines are also much simpler, you mostly need to insert the pod into the coffee maker’s holder and get your brew with the press of a single button in under one minute.


If you think about the price, there are, of course cheaper ways available to make bulk coffee. However, with single serve coffee makers, you can cater to a multitude of employees with different tastes, so value for money!


The Coffee pod market is growing everyday with newer brews and flavors being introduced. Most of these machines allow you not only to brew a variety of coffees like decaf, dark or light roast coffee, but also to make flavored teas, iced drinks and hot chocolate.

Although these machines were initially built keeping office use in mind, they are becoming increasingly popular among home users as well. This is owing to the convenience, functionality and versatility they offer.

Top 3 Single Serve Coffee Makers that you need in your Home & Office

Keurig K155 Office Pro Single Cup Commercial Coffee Maker

Keurig’s Office Pro coffee maker is everything one can dream of in a coffee maker and more. This compact looking little machine offers a myriad of features. Up front it looks nice and shiny and its user-friendly LCD display gives you the feel of using a luxury machine. All instructions are well illustrated in the LCD display.

In fact, the interactive touchscreen is one of its remarkable features, as it has a nice sharp display and is quite responsive. A light touch is all need to make your selection. It is bound to impress your friends and colleagues. The touchscreen panel allows you to program the brew temperature to your preference so that you can be assured of getting exactly the brew that you need every time. You can even set it to the language of your preference from English, Spanish or French.

Other features offered include a choice of four cup sizes and a remoavable drip tray to catch spills. It also comes with an internal hot water tank to allow for easy transport and storage. The brew volume options include 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. of coffee for the appropriate cup or mug size.

Keurig boasts of the best K-cups in terms of freshness, richness and variety. Each K-cup is filled with freshly roasted and ground coffee grains that are hermetically sealed in the cups to assure optimum freshness, as if they were just ground. The best thing is, they have variety not only in their coffee line, but even offer an assortment of hot chocolate and flavored teas. A lot of people have also successfully concocted iced teas and cold coffees using these.

Whether its coffee you’re brewing, tea or hot chocolate, you will get your favorite drink fresh form the machine in under a minute. Brewing your favorite drink has never been easier. Just choose the K-cup you feel like having, pop it into the K-cup holder. Place you favorite mug on the drip tray, if using, select your brew size from the pictures on the touchscreen, and then press “Brew”. The LCD screen will let you know when your drink is ready, so that you can take a sip of the richly flavored goodness.

It makes the whole process of coffee making and drinking so fast, convenient and satisfying. No need to forage for a coffee filter, grind beans, measure out coffee, measure out water and then the heavy duty cleanup! Let’s not even mention that. Add that to the choice of flavors you have at your hand, it becomes a convenience overload. You can enjoy a different flavor every day of the week, or even every passing hour, if you feel like it.

A slight inconvenience is the need for the machine to be pre-heated, so you need to give the water about a minute to heat up before you start operating and this step is necessary if you want your coffee to give you the exact flavor it was intended to give. Not to worry, though, because once you switch on the machine in the morning, it will keep the water heated as long as it is on. So your machine can remain at standby and you can just grab a quick cup as and when needed.

The water reservoir that comes with this machine is large enough to brew around 18 cups of coffee at each fill up. And if you want to do away with the whole hassle of refilling altogether, this model can be installed onto your water line, which can auto-fill the machine with water as and when needed throughout its use. This saves a lot “uh-ohs” for forgetting to fill the reservoir.

So there you go, your high end coffee, with the convenience of a single serve. I wouldn’t however recommend this to serious coffee drinkers who know their caffeine when it hits them. If strong, serious coffee is your thing, you should probably look for an espresso maker.


  • Full Color Touch Screen Interface with adjustable brew temperature and programmable auto On/Off settings.
  • Four brew sizes – 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz. or 10 oz.
  • Pour over water reservoir of 90 ounce capacity, easy to fill and drain.
  • Easily drain and remove water from the internal hot water tank for transport and storage.
  • Always ready and brews in under a minute
  • Perfect for small – medium size offices (15-30 people)

Customer Review

The machine is working well for our office. It’s making almost 20 cups in a day and no issues yet.

I had this hooked to my water line and filter and I love waking up to a hot sweet smelling coffee every morning.

Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker for Home

With every new product, Keurig is proving itself to be a leader in the beverage brewing industry. From coffee makers to K-Cup flavors, Keurig is leaving its mark everywhere.

The amount of research they put into the needs and desires of their users is quite evident from the newer features introduced in every new product. I suppose they believe in proving that making a good cup of coffee should not amount to rocket science.

The K-55 is yet another feather in their cap, as can also be seen by the high ratings it is receiving online. It has features similar to The K-155, barring a few but gives you the convenience of a single serve coffee maker for your office at a convenient price. Sure it doesn’t have the fancy LCD screen, but it does have three convenient buttons for 3 different cup sizes which allows you to decide how strong or diluted you want your coffee. So if you want a more concentrated coffee, you should opt for the small size. Each of the three buttons are also backlit by a halo of blue light giving it a nice sci-fi look. The drip tray is nice and shiny and easily removable for convenient cleaning.

The water heater kicks up the moment you switch the machine on and it takes just 15 seconds for the water to heat up. Another perk that you will get if you purchase this machine is the provision of two water filters, so you can just fill it up with regular tap water without worrying about having to get bottled water each time. The machine has also has a built-in automatic timer that turns off the machine if it remains inactive for more than two hours. The timer is also programmable so you can adjust the time it switches off according to your convenience.

To brew a cup of coffee you just turn on the brewer by pressing the power button. Once water is preheated, the machine will let you know by illuminating the backlights of all three cup size buttons. Place your mug on top of the drip tray and lift the handle for the K-cup pod holder. Place a K-cup pod in the holder and lower the latch till you hear a click and the three cup size buttons start blinking. Select your size and wait for the coffee to be ready in less than a minute. If you want to brew another cup, simply remove the K-cup pod and insert another. Then repeat the process like before. In case the water reservoir is out of water, the machine will flash the “add water” light and wait for you to refill. Once you’ve refilled it, the machine will continue brewing normally.

The thing that struck me the most was that even if you brew two different flavored coffees one after another, the taste of one cup does not go into the next. And the choice of flavors, don’t even get me started! From Green Mountain to Starbucks, they have every flavor under the sun. And they come in different price ranges too, so you can pick the ones that fit your budget and your palette.


  • 4 K-Cup pods free with every purchase
  • Choice of 100+ K-cup varieties
  • Water filter handle + 2 water filters
  • Brews multiple K-cup pod sizes (6, 8, 10 oz)
  • 3 buttons for 3 options of sizes
  • Large 48 oz. water reservoir that allows you to brew 6+ cups before having to refill
  • Descaling Button
  • Programmable auto off feature to save energy

Customer Review

The coffee tastes so good, that once you get used to this, you just cannot go back to regular coffee.

I and my family are enjoying this so much. I try a different flavor every day. Best thing is, I got it for such a great price.

OXX Single Serve Coffee Maker

The advertisement says ‘Meet the world’s toughest coffee maker’, and seriously, I’ve never seen a more macho coffee maker in my life! Primarily built to be taken around to hazardous zones, this machine will bring out the brawn in you.

The machine is ideal to be taken to construction sites, or any other field work site. But in spite of its heavy duty look, it is light enough to be carried around, which is basically what it was built for. If you take a look at the product’s official website, you will see loads of images of this machine being subjected to all kinds of torture. From withholding the weight of a 3,700 pound Jeep to being smeared in dirt and then hosed down clean. Goes to show the amount of thought that was put into the design and construction of these.

Engineered to be ultra-tough, the machine represents the people who use it. It boasts of a crush proof chassis and resistance to impact. So throw it around, stand on it or run your car over it. Made from tough stainless steel hardware and a UV resistant shell, and impact resistant polymer, the Oxx will take all the bumps and bruises you can give it. It has also been weather and dust proofed, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The buttons and edges have been sealed in so well during construction that come water come dust, they will not accumulate in the button gaps and will not mix with the water supply.

Speaking of water supply, the Oxx Coffeeboxx has a whopping 85 ounce capacity water reservoir that has been designed to be spill proof, easily removable and have an integrated carrying handle. It even has an integrated water filter included to ensure convenience when out and about. In fact, it even has a separate hot water line, in case you want to make anything other than coffee. This will allow you to steep your tea or whip up a quick oatmeal, soup or ramen. Moreover, the drip tray is removable, allowing you to accommodate extra-large sized thermoses for days when you just need more.

Finally for easy portability, the machine comes with a 3 foot long retractable power cord and 6 stainless steel tie-downs to strap your Coffeeboxx into place while traveling over bumpy terrain. And K-cups? You can use them with any variety that catches your taste-buds. For the hard-working man or woman, here’s a hardworking coffee machine to provide the fuel that will keep them running.


  • Heavy duty construction with crush proof chassis.
  • Impact resistant
  • Weather and dust resistant
  • Retractable power cord
  • Works with all K-cups.
  • Extra-large water tank of 85oz capacity
  • Lightweight and portable design

Customer Review

It is as tough as it looks and makes a perfect cup of coffee that I can enjoy even when I’m doing field work.

It is a nice looking coffee maker and works quite well in the manufacturing environment.

Among the above three, my favorite is the Keurig K-155 Coffee maker. I’m especially in love with its high tech touchscreen. Makes me feel luxuriously pampered. I’m also fond of its one button system which simplifies the whole process of coffee making so much.

My only problem is that I often forget to reload my K-cup stash and feel really annoyed when I really need a cup but find there are no K-cups left. If only these machines came with an alarm to restock the K-cup stash! There’s no end to wanting I guess.

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