In city life, people are very busy with their job and daily activities so they can get stressed into their life very easily and they also suffer in many diseases like obesity. So if you want to enjoy fresh air and a stress free life to keep yourself fit you can try something new.

If you are passionate about cycling but you live in the city area, you know that it is different from other rides to riding a bike in an urban environment.

To select a best urban bike is not an easy task there are many options and a lot of things to consider before buying an urban bike. Riding in an urban area needs to aware more than in a rural area.

Maybe you will love to prefer your comfort first the efficiency and fun. Best urban bikes can give you all these individualities including the comfortable ride.

While you are riding in an urban area you need to keep in mind that your cloth should be visible and you need to constantly aware of everything. It is great to start with an urban bike to explore your city with lots of fun.

If you are thinking to have a ride while going to work or college instead of driving then you must be thinking of a best urban bike to make sure an enjoyable trip which will reliably get you on time where you need to go.

Using a best urban or city bike you can be beneficial in many ways for examples biking is a good exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy. At the same time, you can explore and enjoy some exciting alternate routes, not the same boring road.

Riding a bike means a smaller amount of car traffic on the street. Bike price is reasonable and affordable compared to a car. No money requires for fuel. Finding a parking spot is quite painless than a car parking.

It is common that you can’t refuse to accept riding a bicycle. It can be a fun trip with your friends, work, and college or anywhere you love to go. Riding a bike is good for you, your health and good for the environment as well.

Perhaps you are looking for a simple, comfortable and affordable way to have the benefit of going outside for fitness and fresh air and wish for a new opening for riding or leisure which is more amusing and exciting than a traditional road bike but still you like a lightweight adventurous ride to have fun.

I was very excited while I was waiting to get my first urban bike and I couldn’t wait to get it. It never disappointed me.

We are here to facilitate you to find the perfect, best, cheap urban bikes for you. We have picked 5 most popular urban bikes for riding on urban areas and going to present details information with advantages and disadvantages including customers’ reviews why you should consider one of these bikes.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

If someone asks me about a fixie bike on affordable price with lots of amazing features I will love to suggest Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bikes. These are good looking bikes. The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear has a genuine fixie look.

There are different kinds of bikes are available on the market but Pure Fix Original Gear Single Speed Fixie Bikes are always noticeable for their loyal quality and exclusive design. There are very few bikes can be compared to this bike.

These bikes come in a large variety of colors so you can choose easily your desired color from this color variety. It has a dazzling look and you can customize it very easily according to your taste.

The frame of Pure Fix Original build with a fully Tig-welded steel frame and it has urban structures, the wheelset, tires and the alloy handlebars make the bike a good combines of an urban bike with the high comfort and racing feel.

The frame of Pure Fix Original build with a fully Tig-welded steel frame and it has urban structures, the wheelset, tires and the alloy handlebars make the bike a good combines of an urban bike with the high comfort and racing feel.

The pure original is well equipped fixed gear bike not very lightweight but still good enough for you. It has freewheel hub options and nowadays it is quite common for fixed gear bikes which help to keep moisture and dart free while working from inside. If you want a freewheel riding you just need to flip the wheels.

This bike is perfect for urban riding because it has excellent gear ratio which is 44:16 and this is joined with 30mm riser handlebar which helps the rider to control the riding situation with extra comfort.

The front brake is easily removable. Its Oury grips will give you perfect softness feel. The chain KMC Z-410 continues with all tough moving and the nylon slim 9/16 inch pedals provide some extra foot coverage.

The Kendra tires and tubes with the wheelsets provide the bike quick experience with extra speed and sturdiness.

Manufacturers’ features

  • The frame is made of fully Tig-welded high-quality steel and high tensile
  • The Pure original Fixed gear single speed fixie bike comes with the deep-dish 50mm wheels which help to maintain the speed on the street and tires are 700c x 28 inches.
  • The rear wheel allows you to change the speed single to fixed gear without any difficulty
  • The pedals are 9/16 inch nylon slim pedals which can give you some added foot coverage
  • The rubber grips provide you maximum comfort no flange
  • The bikes stem build with pure cycle alloy
  • The handlebar is alloy 30mm raiser which helps to maintain the riding position with on difficulty
  • It features with 40mm deep dish 32 hole rims wheel set and flip-flop freewheel hubs
  • It comes with the Kendra tires and tubes
Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Fixie Bike


  • It comes with a super speedy pedal
  • You can assemble easily
  • It has amazing flip-flop switching hub
  • There are no threads with the tires
  • Smart design and good looking
  • Comes with some extra things
  • Affordable price
  • It provides an easy and smooth ride


  • This bike is little bit heavy in weight
  • The bike seat is not comfortable enough
  • The tires are just ok

According to customers reviews, the bike is a great bike and looks cool. One customer said that it is a nice bike and you need to be aware that it is suitable while you are riding on flat streets but if you are planning to have a ride for a long trip maybe you will suffer because of the seat.

If you are looking for a comfortable urban bike it is not very easy to find but the Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike can help you to make your task easier.

This is a perfect bike for the riders who like to ride around the city and love colorful frames from the large color variety and it has plenty of features.

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

The 6KU Aluminum fixed gear single speed fixie urban track Bike is a quite famous bike among all other urban bikes. This is a comfort bike. If you are stuck while jamming traffic and ready to rock and roll then this bike is perfect for you to reach your destination. This bike is loaded with all the features you need affordable, best quality and durable urban bike.

The 6Ku urban bike lightweight 6061 alloys smooth welded frame combined with a similar 1 and 1/8inch alloy fork that will provide you the best performance and an outstanding look. The alloy fork can help you by absorbing shocks on rougher tracks. You can select this bike for your daily ride or a leisure period riding.

The flip-flop hub options are available so you can enjoy the freewheel riding or you can fix the gear. It provides freewheel riding by defending from moisture and dirt to get inside.

The 6Ku fixie urban bike comes with riser bars for quick navigation instead of drop bars. The bike’s weight can vary depending on its size.

It also features soft, durable, rubber grips to give the rider maximum comfort while riding.

The 6Ku urban bike comes with a raised handlebar that allows the rider to sit more comfortably to have a delighted ride.

This bike has massive stopping power by executing both the rear and front brakes. This feature helps the bike to control very stress-free in a tough situation. These brakes are removable so you can remove if you need.

The bike also comes with 30mm deep V double-walled alloy wheels with flip-flop hubs that offer a better grip and an extremely smooth ride.

In addition, this bike has plenty of color varieties so you can choose your favorite one from the color list.

Manufacturers’ features

  • The 6Ku bike frame is built with 6061 smooth welded alloy which is double butted
  • It features with the flip-flop high flange bike hubs
  • It has 1 and 1/ 8-inch alloy fork that provides the best performance
  • The bike wheels set 30mm deep V double-walled alloy rims
  • It has removable both front and rear brakes to control the speed and great stopping power while riding
  • The chain of this bike is a 3D forged alloy which measures 48 mm by 170mm
  • This bike features a pair of 31.8mm handlebars
  • The fixie urban bike has a sealed cartridge 68mm x 13mm bottom bracket
  • The tires are Kenda 700cm x 25cm
  • The bike saddle is synthetic leather
  • The bike gear ration is 48:16
  • The bike seat is made with 27.2mm forged alloy which is relaxed for the rider
6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike


  • This bike is artistically attractive, good-looking, elegant design, features and best for all personality
  • It’s a lightweight bike durable, reliable, affordable and easy to handle
  • It has a stronger braking system which covers both front and rear. These brakes are easily removable
  • It has multi-color options so rider can choose easily the desired color
  • Excellent quality with a reasonable price tag


  • The bike is fitted with a pair of low-quality large pedals
  • No mount points for bottle cage
  • The seat saddle is made of synthetic leather so it’s not very comfortable while riding for a long trip

According to the customer review, this is the best bike for the price and excellent quality.

It is a great looking bike and customers love the bike and they said very lightweight bike, comfortable, easy to assemble but one recommended adding a bike rack or second set of hands to make it easier.

Up to now, we have tried to go through all aspects of this fixie urban bike. This is an amazingly good looking bike with lots of features and it offers an excellent experience to the riders though it has some issues with its seat saddle and pedals still you can replace them if you want. This bike really an urban bike and it has everything you need.

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Bike

The most dedicated feature of Critical cycles is its fixed gear on affordable price range and this is one of the reasons that we have picked this bike. To find a right bike for your urban ride is challenging especially to get the best quality bike at a reasonable price. There are plenty of options from different kind of Brands on the market and they are offering lots of commuting requirements.

This is one of the famous bikes and this bike has stylish bullhorn bars, it also provides real fixie capability which is quite well-known for converted fixed gears bikes. This bike has the combination of a marginal beauty with solid components. This is well enough for fixie riding.

It’s noticeable that Critical Cycles has made this bike for those who are just getting into fixie riding world.

The rider will never be disappointed with its appearance since it is quite normal for you to select something with its artistic value.

It has a smooth design and enough colors variety to choose. If you are going to buy this bike you don’t need to be worried because the most of the components of the bike are from best quality brands. This pursuit bike has the construction that possesses the rider to look ahead for the next trip on this bike.

It comes with the smooth high tensile steel frame with the horizontal dropouts and solid forks which offer durability and enough light weight to have a charming ride since the weight depends on the frame size.

It comes with the Wander tires which can hold out the rough and bumpy roads attached with the wheels and Promax brakes for unlimited stopping power. It has the flip-flop rear wheel hub that allows you to change the single speed to fixed gear easily.

It features with urban styled comfort saddle with steel seat post handles which gives you a nice feel. The pursuit bullhorns 25.44mm handlebars tilting forward which can provide you racing style. The handle grips are made of soft Kraton rubber to provide maximum comfort.

The pursuit comes with 85% built along with all the tools you required to build and maintain your bike in case of emergency repairs.

The bike deals with both freewheel riding and fixed gear probably completely made with a sealed unit hub. This is combined with a 3pc crankset which contains a KMC chain.

It’s enhanced for urban riding with its 43mm stars super deep V rims and wander tires which makes the bike durable. It features the low profile BMX style pedals comes through VP platform


  • This bike is built with a steel frame which makes the bike durable and stronger
  • Another great feature is pursuit bullhorn handlebars which offer an amazingly comfortable ride
  • The rims of the bike are super deep V double walled to give additional strength to manage the ride and it has stainless steel spokes
  • The bike wheels come with wander tires which is able to survive the bumpiness of the road
  • It has a water bottle mounting point
  • The bike comes with a necessary tools box that can help you to assemble and repair the bike
  • This bike has some color selection option
  • It has a great stopping power with its Promax brakes
  • The bike handlebars have a flip-flop hub to change fixed gear and single speed with ease
  • The KMC chain system provides actual feeling of cycling
  • The pursuit comes with the 3 pc cranks
  • It has low profile VP platform BMX pedals which offers a trouble-free pedaling
  • The bike handlebars have the soft Kraton rubber grips for comfort
Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Track Bike


  • It comes with a tools box to assemble and maintain the bike
  • The handlebars have a pair of comfortable rubber grips
  • The bike is partially assembled and easy to assemble
  • The bike has a bottle mounting point
  • The bike price is reasonable
  • Good looking durable and lightweight bike
  • You can switch the fixed gear to single speed very easily


  • The handlebar is quite long
  • The bike rims are double walled but they are vulnerable

According to customers reviews, the bike is really a great bike for price and quality. One said he was riding the bike for few weeks and found the bike is reliable and stylish and the color gave the bike a higher end look compared to other bikes of the same price range. He is also recommended to buy an additional comfortable saddle.

I think after reading all the reviews of this bike you will set up your mind to buy this road bike because it’s an outstanding bike indeed.

Finally, I must say if you are trying to find the easiest way to get a fixed gear bike with plenty of features then this bike should be at the top of your list. You can have a ride on weekends or your leisure period with your friends and beloved family on the city street.

Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike

Golden cycles are specially made for the skilled rider who has riding experience and regular commuters. They are the mixture of reasonable price, speed, appearance and the fixed gear to the single speed changing options. This bike comes with both rear and front brakes for a powerful stopping so it can be a perfect bike for you to have an enjoyable urban ride to explore the beauty of your city.

This bike is more reasonable than other bikes in the same price range. It features high tensile steel fully welded frame and the fork is 1-1/8 steel fork it creates a charming and smooth look.

The golden cycles have large color varieties so you can select your desired color easily.

The golden cycles have large color varieties so you can select your desired color easily.

The dropout provides the bike extra hostile look and steady trip. The weight of the bike is good enough not too much.

The saddle gives the bike racing feel which is a good pair with the alloy custom riser handlebars.

It comes with caliper brakes on both front and rear and provides best-controlled braking.

It has 68mm sealed bearing rear hub which controls the back wheel and similarly provides the freewheel option to switch each and every time you feel like drifting and comforting on your ride.

The bike comes with two bottle mounts and anytime you can upgrade your bike if you want to.

The bike comes with the tires Kenda 700c x 25 and the wheels have 45mm deep alloy rims. The tires also feature with a simple tread design which gives your ride pleasant and amazing feel.

It has the alloy 46T chainring crank, which confirms an accurate 46:16 gear ratio which is more beneficial for advanced top speeds. The BMX platform pedals provide sufficient foot coverage while riding.


  • The bike frame is made of the high tensile, fully Tig- welded steel which is built to last and strong enough
  • The flip-flop hub provides you the freewheel riding or fixed riding
  • The bike brakes front and rear both are alloy caliper brakes, easy to install and remove
  • The bike crank is strong and hard 130BCD crank and the chainring crank is alloy 46T
  • The bottom bracket of the bike is 68mm
  • Standard rubber grips
  • The bike has Kenda 700c x 25c tires and the wheels have 45mm deep V alloy rims.
  • The Golden cycle comes with BMX platform pedals
  • The bike is featured with the 1-1/8 Neco headset
  • The bike has alloy custom riser handlebars


  • It has flip-flop hub to switch between fixed riding and freewheel riding
  • Large color variety options
  • High tensile and Tig welded steel frame and fork
  • Stylish and good-looking, can customize the design
  • Affordable price


  • Low-quality tires and pedals
  • Seat is not comfortable enough for long ride

According to the customer’s reviews, it’s an awesome urban bike enough light and one said it is lightweight and money worthy purchase and recommended anyone who is looking for the best option without spending a ton of money, must look no further.

Finally, there are lots of options on the market to buy, the Golden cycles fixed gear fixie bike is one of the best urban bikes which highly considerable because of its strong construction and all the components it contains. It’s a perfect choice if you are looking for a simple elegant designed bike at an affordable price.

SE Bikes Draft Lite Single Speed Bike

If you want a simple hassle free city ride with fixed gear or single speed then the Se Draft Lite is the perfect bike for you. It is an affordable, comfortable and durable bike. This bike comes in 4 different colors and 5 sizes.

The Se Draft Light is an urban commuter bike, strong, cool bike and stylish enough and this bike is ready to handle everything while you are riding this bike on the city street.

You can be a weekend rider, city travelers or great cycling enthusiasts you will love this draft because of its simplicity and dependability.

This bike features a butted top tube and down tube frame which provides strength and comfort.

Compared to some other bikes Se draft light is heavy footed and dreary. It comes with wide tires and extra high profile double walled rims.

It features with a flip-flop rear wheel hub that offers the rider to switch between fixed gear and single speed easily.

The Se Draft Light contains both front and rears Promax alloy brakes with 2fingure and super stopping power. The brakes are removable and offer the bike a plane and fresh frame while removing the brakes.

The Se features with riser handlebars to provide you additional upright position for ultimate comforts and allow the rider to watch out around you properly.

Sturdiness is very important while engaging with the city concretes and the Draft Lite has the sturdiness. The butted top tube and the down tube frame make the Draft Lite a city warrior.

It comes with a bottle and there is a built-in bottle opener under the saddle.


  • It comes in 4 different colors and 5 sizes
  • It features butted top tube and down tube frame to provide comfort and strength
  • Pedals are SE resin platform
  • The bike wheelset SE high flange alloy, double walled rims 16T freewheels
  • The bike tires are wide 700 x 28c
  • The bike has removable brakes Promax alloy front and rear
  • The headset is Tange 1-1/8 inch threadless
  • The bike features with SE alloy crankset
  • The bike chainring KMC Z410A
  • There are additional removable SE brake cable clips available
  • The bike seat post is built with 27.2mm SE Micro adjust alloy
  • It has SE 23 x 1.5-inch riser handlebar
  • The handle grips of the bike are built with SE urban Mushroom rubber Grips


  • It’s a lightweight bike
  • The bike is durable and comfortable
  • The price is reasonable
  • Simple and elegant design
  • It comes with a bottle opener
  • Best bike for city riding and exercising
  • It comes with racing components


  • There is no con yet

According to customers review, this bike exceeds all the expectations and great value for the price. One said, he loved the bike and also said a great price for a great product. It is overall a great bike for ripping around the city.

Lastly, the SE Draft Lite is a great urban bike and it’s a price worthy bike if you like simple and comfortable city bike then this is the one you are looking light and. Still, you can upgrade the parts if you want to.

Finally finding an urban bike under 500 for the comfortable ride was not an easy task for me because I picked nearly 20 bikes to research to make a final list. The best thing you should do that is to do your own research and decide which one to buy? I just tried to help you out to find the best one. You can check all the reviews and pay attention what they have said and before making your final decision be sure that the bike will be suitable for you or not.

We can ensure that the information we have provided may be huge but these are the exact information what you are looking for to find your best comfortable urban bike under 500 dollars with lots of features.

Nothing is perfect but still, you can find the perfect one from our list.

Enjoy your shopping!

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